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The popularity of shipping containers is ever increasing. There is a greater demand now in turning portable containers into functional spaces at an affordable price. Handy Container specializes in converting these shipping containers into many uses, such as temporary office spaces, site accommodations, canteens and storage facilities.

We offer customizable solutions for our containers, which depends on the customer’s needs and preferences. Our containers are versatile and can be re-purposed for a variety of uses, including complex structures like multi-storey accommodation spaces with an internal or external staircase. They can also come with windows, heating systems, air conditioning units, and even plumbing and electric facilities.

Why Consider Handy Container?

Handy Container’s products are made with a heavy-duty material. The shipping containers are fully-coated with a specialized anti-rust paint that allows it to withstand unpleasant weather situations and corrosion. Being portable and compact, these containers are also easy to move from one location to another. In addition, our products are made to comply with basic fire safety standards and specifications.

What’s the Best Shipping Container for Your Needs?

Shipping Containers are the best alternative for temporary space solutions. This is an ideal option when faced with an immediate need for office space, interior solutions, accommodation, and much more. Depending on the needs of the customer, these shipping containers come in many sizes and can be re-purposed for different uses.

Here are some of the different types of shipping containers and their original uses:

  • Cargo Storage Roll Containers

    – Cargo Storage Roll Containers are made of industrial metal steel wire mesh and rollers. This is for the easy manoeuvring and shipment of goods.
  • Open Top Containers

    – Open top containers are common for over-height cargo. It is made of corrugated steel with a removable top. This container usually comes in 20 – 40 feet in size.
  • Tunnel Container

    – Tunnel containers usually measure 20 feet in size. Both ends of the container are designed to be open and are ideal for the unloading and loading of goods.
  • Open Side Container

    – Open Side Containers are open on both sides of the body. This is usually quite similar to a standard shipping container, but the difference is the addition of a full side access door. The design of this container is significant for loading and unloading purposes.
  • Insulated Containers

    – Insulated containers are great for shipments that are temperature-sensitive and are due for long distances. This type of container transports foods, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.
  • Dry Cargo Containers

    – Dry Cargo Containers are mostly used for cargo. Cargos are products that are shipped via water, land, or air. This container varies in different sizes usually from 20’ft. to 40’ft.

Handy Container is a container supplier which offers a wide range of shipping containers that can be customized to suit every customer’s needs. To that end, we are glad to provide customization options like the addition of air conditioning units, container roofing, explosion proofing, etc. for maximum safety and comfort. For more questions regarding our products, visit our website or call us at 6528 1492 today.

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