About Us

Provides a one-stop solution to suit your every need. Our main specialty involves customizing our containers for a wide range of environments; be it an office space, accommodation or a simple storage facility. Here at Handy Containers we believe in delivering a solution that is robust and safe for our clients.

Handy Container(s) is one of the industry leaders in the provision of designing and building a wide range of instant temporary site accommodations, offices, canteens and other facilities.

Why Choose Our Handy Cabins

  • Easy to mobilize from one site to another.
  • Interior Fittings and Features comply with the basic fire safety standards specifications.
  • Cabins are fully operational upon arrival
  • Tough and Sturdy: the average life span of our containers is approximately 10 years, subject to environmental conditions.
  • All units are fully coated with anti-rust protective paints and come with safety features installed.
Contact Information

1 Sophia Road #05-23 Peace Centre
Singapore 228149

25 Pioneer Sector 1 (Production Site)
Singapore 628432

Tel: +65 6528 1492
Fax: +65 6528 7492

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